Tuesday Bring A Friend Week


It’s Bring a Friend Week! Bring as many friends & family to your favorite M2 class for FREE. The athlete who brings in the most friends will score a free month of class…

CFM2 – CrossFit

Warm-up (No Measure)

“Rock Paper Scissor” w/ Burpee Penalty!

– Athletes should play 3 sets of 9 games, switching partners after every 3 games. If you lose a game, hit the deck and perform 2 burpees. If you lose a set, hit the deck and perform 6 burpees.

*After the RPS game…

3 ROUNDS — With a partner, “Mirrored” (both athletes move together in unison)

8 Up-downs

8 Air Squats

8 Spidermans

8 PVC Push Press


Partner Hamstring Stretch

Partner Seated Shoulder Stretch

Review Thrusters & Barbells

Review Burpees Technique

Metcon (Time)

For Time:

There is NO prescribed weight.

Have Fun!!!!

Partner A Starts Partner B Starts


10 Thrusters 10 Burpees

9 Thrusters 9 Burpees

8 Thrusters 8 Burpees

7 Thrusters 7 Burpees

6 Thrusters 6 Burpees

5 Thrusters 5 Burpees

4 Thrusters 4 Burpees

3 Thrusters 3 Burpees

2 Thrusters 2 Burpees

1 Thruster 1 Burpee

When the clock starts Partner A will begin his/her 10 Thrusters – Partner B will begin his/her 10 Burpees. Once BOTH partners are finished with their first 10 reps they switch then complete another 10 reps of the other movement. Then continue with rep scheme- 9-9-8-8-7-7 so on and so forth.

Each Partner will complete

10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 of BOTH

Thrusters & Burpees

Cool Down

High Five 5 different people

Walk 200m

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