Strength Gainz!

CFM2 – Strength Gains

Barbell Bicep Curls

Close-Grip Bench Press

Alternating DB curls

Banded tricep push downs

Chin Ups

Rev grip pull ups

Seated OH extensions

Wallball sit ups

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CFM2 - OilerFitDeadlift (Wendler Week 1)1x5 @ 65% 1x5 @ 75% 1x5+ @ 85% 1 set every 1:430Metcon (Time)8 RFT: 200m Run 4 DB Deadlift 4 DB Power Cleans 4 DB Front Squat 4 DB Push Press *DB 50/35
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CFM2 - M2 At HomeDaily-5 Warm-UpWarm-up (No Measure)1:00 Cardio Choice into... 3 SETS :30 DB Strict Press :30 Goblet Squats into... AMRAP x 1 MINUTE Max Alt. V-ups (No Measure)Push x Pull StrengthMetcon (Weight)EMOM x 15 MINUTES MIN 1 -...
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CFM2 - OilerFitPush Press (Wendler Week 1)1x5 @ 65% 1x5 @ 75% 1x5+ @ 85% 1 set every 1:430Metcon (AMRAP - Reps)10:00 AMRAP Clean & Jerks (Rx 135/95)(95/65) *EMOM perform 10 air squats
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