Session 17


Styx Brunch this Saturday at 12:30pm – please confirm your attendance on our Private Facebook Group. We want to give the restaurant an accurate reservation.

CFM2 – Strength Gains

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Finger Tip Dead Hang

Max Time hang with just finger tips

Romanian deadlifts (3×5/3/1)

75% x 5

85% x 3

95% x 1

Complete warm up sets of:

1×3 @ 50%

1×3 @60%

1×3 @65%

Sumo Deadlift (85% 1 RM)

After each set complete: 3 x 10 Barbell Upright Row

*Heavy as possible



Pistol Farmer Carry (4 Laps x 50ft R Arm, 50ft L Arm)

One kb upside sown with arm at 90 degree

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