CFM2 – CrossFit

WOD Demo Video:

WOD Explanation & Scaling:

*Athlete Goal* → Pick a bodyweight movement to challenge yourself on today! Use the Row to pick up the pace each round, and choose a scaling option for the gymnastic movement you aren’t challenging to make sure you can keep moving!

*Coach Focus* → Break down the Strict Dip on different pieces of equipment and provide scaling options. Review progression for the C2B Pull-Up and provide scaling options to allow athletes to get the intended stimulus with the longer Pull.

*Total Time* → 15 min Movement Prep // 18 min Workout // 10 min Finisher // 43 min Total Working Time

Today’s workout is eerily reminiscent of an Open Workout. With two bodyweight gymnastics movements, we see a lot of opportunity to challenge our athletes- and ourselves as coaches! The C2B Pull-Up or the Ring Dip skill might carry over from yesterday’s GOAT Skill Work, or maybe your athletes chose to work on HSPU or HS Walking yesterday. Either way, today is a great opportunity for your classes to work through a new or different scaling option for one- or both- movements.

Make sure in your demo of the Strict Dip to provide different options for athletes- this can double as your scaling for this movement, starting from a Push-Up, to a Box Dip, to a Matador, and then the Rings. You can mix in some Ring Dip and Kipping Pull-Up work into movement prep before the workout to give athletes additional skill work time! For some of your vet athletes, you can even highlight the Butterfly Pull-Up- with a little more time at the front-end of today’s class, it’s the perfect opportunity to dive deeper into the Pull-Up! One thing to be mindful of- between skill work yesterday and today’s workout, we want to ensure the health of athletes’ hands. Make it a priority to check in with all your athletes and make sure their hands are up for the hanging/pulling- if not, scale


Warm-up (No Measure)

2:00 ROW/BIKE/RUN (Increase pace every :15)


4 ROUNDS (:20 work, :10 rest)

MOVT 1 — Up-Downs

MOVT 2 — Inch-Worms (no Push-Up)

Into …

4 ROUNDS (:20 work, :10 rest)

MOVT 1 — Active Bar Hang

MOVT 2 — Push-Ups

*1 Round = Both Movements


Metcon (Time)



Cal Row

C2B Pull-Up

Strict Dips (Ring, Box or Bar)

*Weight Vest Optional.

(Score is Time)


Metcon (No Measure)


15 Slow Tuck-Ups on Rower

1:00 Hollow Rocks

-Rest as needed b/t Sets-

(No Measure)

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