Sara Stang – September Athlete of the Month

We sat down with our September Athlete of the Month Sara Stang to get to know more about her CrossFit journey. Read what her experience below:

M2: How did you discover M2?
Sara: I discovered CrossFit M2 through social media. I wanted to get back into the fitness routine again when I was tired of not seeing results I wanted.

M2: What did we do differently that you liked?
Sara: I loved the coaching and class atmosphere, and wanted to surround myself with people that have similar mindsets for their fitness goals. They offered multiple class times which I liked so that I was still able to fit in a workout with my crazy life schedule. M2 isn’t just a typical gym where the coaches let you run free and do your own thing. They give you positive instruction, guidance, and feedback to avoid injury and always make you feel comfortable when performing any workout.

M2: What results have you found with us?
Sara: The results I have found with CrossFit M2 have been incredible. I’ve noticed myself having a consistent positive attitude, whether it be throughout my day at work or in the gym. I have found myself consciously eating better and enjoying it, too! I’ve lost weight while my body has gained muscle at the same time. It’s such an awesome feeling to see your progress not only on the scale, but in the gym as well. I can feel myself getting stronger and gaining more confidence every day.

M2: What would you say to someone considering joining?
Sara: To anyone who wants to join CrossFit M2, never be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone and give it a shot. In all honesty, I was terrified to join 😂 I always thought CrossFit was only for extreme lifters and people who workout for a living, but boy i was wrong. CrossFit is really for everyone! Anyone can do it and it doesn’t matter your level of fitness when you start. Each member supports you and cheers you on during the workouts so you never feel like you’re treated any differently than someone who’s been doing CrossFit for a while.

M2: Besides CrossFit what is something that is unique about yourself?
Sara: Something unique about me is that I’m oddly fascinated and in love with lighthouses. My goal is to see every one in the US.

Sara Stang - September Athlete of the Month

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