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Beginners Course
When you graduate from this course, you will be mentally and physically ready for CrossFit classes. This course consists of twelve private training sessions with others who are brand new to CrossFit. By learning all proper CrossFit movements and techniques, you will gain confidence with our movements before entering regular classes. This course allows Coaches to discuss nutrition, and find out more about your fitness/health goals. Each session will slightly increase in difficulty as we complete many different variations of workouts. Are you ready to start a fitness program that will help you achieve your goals? This course is designed for people brand new to fitness, trust us - you can do it. Class is every Monday, Wednesday & Thursday from 7:30pm - 8:30pm. Can't make that time? No worries - in most cases we can work around your schedule. Our May Class begins on 5/3/21. Our Beginners Course group will be limited to 15 athletes MAX to align with Social Distancing State Guidelines. We have many social distancing, sanitization, and cleaning procedures currently in place. Your health and safety is always our top priority.