19 Classes in 30 Days

Our annual 19 Classes in 30 Days “Face Yourself” Contest is back for 2020.

Between July 6th & August 4th we are challenging ALL of our ATHLETES to get to class! As the summer gets in gear we don’t want to see you fall off the wagon. All athletes that complete this contest will an exclusive prize.

Also, make sure to check-in either before or after class during this contest. For each social media check-in either via Instagram (on your story or feed) or Facebook. Make sure to @CrossFitM2 for the check-in to count.

Social Media Check-In Contest Price: A free healthy catering spread from our friends at Bellacino’s Findlay. Bellacino’s of course offers gigantic grinders & pizza’s but they also offer healthier options such as fresh power salads, gluten free & vegan friendly options.

This contest is separate from our 19 Classes in 30 Days contest – it won’t add any additional days to your day count.

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