Back to Basics Competition

This February we are challenging our members to a friendly competition that will not only be fun but will help them further reach their fitness goals. One of the unique things about CrossFit is not only friendly competition but the community of people that share the same fitness goals to get healthier, stronger, & happier.

At Crossfit M2 we like to challenge our members to go a little further than just attending classes. This February we are throwing our members a new competition that isn’t intimidating and that everyone can do but will test them and still be fun but challenging.

4 person team competition. The competition is friendly and includes simple movements that require little skill, however it will push your intensity and test your grit.

Workouts range from 5 minutes to 30 minutes.

👉When: February 3 – February 29 (awards ceremony on February 29th at Findlay Brewing Company.

👉Teams of 4: 2 Males 2 Females
Teams will be announced on January 31st

👉How: One workout per week, released Monday mornings. Teams will have until Saturday night to submit scores. All workouts are team oriented and will need all 4 athletes to complete. Workouts can be done during any class time, or open gym time or if each member has 24/7 Access.

Each team will need to recruit a different member from another team each week in order to judge their teams WOD. The team will submit the judges sheet to Coach Alex.

👉Movements: Rower, Bike, Burpees, Lunges

How to Register: Please write your name on the whiteboard at CrossFit M2. The Coaching Staff will be selecting teams.

👉 Awards Ceremony / M2 Outing on February 29th at Findlay Brewing Company. Time to TBD.


👉Week 1
Part 1
Max row distance in 2:30 from each member
*Score is sum total meters
Team rest will be given from minute 10:00 – 11:00. At minute 11:00 Part 2 begins

Part 2
Max Cals on assault bike in 2:30 from each member
*Score is sum total Cals from each athlete.

👉Week 2
For time: 160 Cal Bike, 160 Burpees
*Score is the total time taken for the team to complete all reps (each bike Cal is 1 rep, each burpee is 1 rep). One athlete bikes while one athlete completes burpees, 2 other athletes rest. Each team member must complete 40 reps of each movement. No more or no less than 40 reps of each movement may be completed. Athlete must complete at least a 5 rep minimum at a time.

👉Week 3
3 Rounds for time:
250m Row
12 Burpees
600m Bike
50 ft Walking Lunges
*Score is the total time taken for the team to complete 3 full rounds. Each athlete will start at a different movement. Every athlete must complete all reps before any team member can rotate to the next movement. Walking lunges must be completed by alternating legs, knee touching ground, and with no extra steps between consecutive lunges.

👉Week 4
For time: Assault Bike Marathon
*Score is the total time taken to reach 21,100 meters between 2 bikes. 2 members work at the same time while other 2 members rest. Team must switch athletes on the bike every 1:00. Bikes must evenly divide the 21,100 meters. Each bike cannot exceed 10,550 meters. Teammates will assigned themselves to each bike. Partners must stay with their bike the entire WOD and are unable to complete reps on the other partners bike. For example; Partners 1 & 2 start the WOD on Bike A. While Partners 3 & 4 start the WOD on Bike B. Partners 1 & 2 finish their 10,550 meters ahead of Partners 3 & 4. Partners 1 & 2 cannot complete reps on Bike B. They can cheer on Partners 3 & 4. Once Partners 3 & 4 complete their 10,550 meters the judge will mark the time on the clock. Score is time.

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