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Standings for Workout 4
Team James – 16:30
Team Josh – 16:35
Team Batman – 16:47
Team Sam – 16:53
Team Dan – DNF

After a very hard fought battle from all teams, the final results throughout the past 4 weeks are as follows:
1st – Team Mark Batman, Mallory Hefner, Sara Stang, Micheal Gruden
2nd – Team James St. Clair, Danielle Conine, Ruth Guy, James St. Clair, Rich Ryne
3rd – Team Josh Clifton, Monica Dull, Dawn Rodabaugh, Gaige Rassman
4th – Team Sam Rossi, Jennifer Huffman, Tabby Hossler, Matt Bowman
5th – Team Dan Beach, Megan Rich, Deb Taranik, David Lopez

Thank you to all who participated and we hope you enjoyed competing.

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