I really like the trainers, and all CrossFit M2 has to offer.

Ever since I started working out at CrossFit M2, my strength and conditioning has greatly improved. I started CrossFit in November of 2011 because, I wanted to get stronger for the upcoming golf season. I have noticed a huge increase of distance on each shot, at least 20-30 yards on each club. I love CrossFit M2 because, it combines strength and endurance to make for a fun, yet challenging workout. I look forward to coming to CrossFit M2, because the staff makes exercise fun. Before and after workouts, we are joking around and having fun, I really enjoy the community aspect of CrossFit. During the workout, the Coaches are not like drill sergeants and just constantly yelling, they do yell from time to time but, it is to help you keep going and make you better. They truly want you to do your best. I really like Michael as a trainer, and all CrossFit M2 has to offer.

-Earl Strecker

FHS Golf Team