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Uncertainty. Embarrassment. Fear.

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Uncertainty.  Embarrassment.  Fear.

Those are only three of the emotions I faced about 2 years ago when I met Michael Matthes and embarked on this new fitness journey.  I was uncertain if I was capable of the kind of workouts that awaited me.  I was 330 pounds, highly sedentary and had had both my knees replaced about 4 years earlier. I was embarrassed, because here I was – back at the starting point again. And I was afraid I would fail again and eventually suffer the medical consequences of many years of poor nutrition and no physical activity.

Although my weight has been an issue since childhood, I used to be more physically fit.  I played sports and was more active in my younger years.  But as I grew older and settled into my career, I sat at my desk and worked…and ate…and worked…and ate…and moved very little.

Whether I was just ready for a change or curious or maybe a little of both, I started working out.  Michael was sensitive to where I was starting from, tailoring the workouts to meet some of the limitations I have as a result of my knee surgeries.  The workouts are hard, but the results have been great.  I’ve got far more energy, I’m stronger, I’ve lost weight and I just feel better. I look forward to going to the gym. The workouts are always different, and I’ve done things I never thought I could do.

As with so many other things in my life, living a healthy lifestyle is a journey, not a destination.  I’m on a lifelong journey.  The quick fixes of my youth were temporary and only created more problems.  Today, I may veer slightly off course from time to time, but I’m still heading in the right direction…thanks to Michael Matthes’ motivation and his ability to bring out in me what I thought I had lost years ago.

 -Kathryn J. Kelly, age 43

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