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Come and try out a non intimadating, lower intensity, Free 9am Saturday CrossFit Class. Register here for this upcoming Saturday. 

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Are you "Fed Up"?

I need your help...

This weekend I watched the documentary "Fed Up" about how the sugar, food, and government industries are purposily making people obese to sell more sugar and processed food.

There was a story about a 12 year old boy who weighted over 300lbs pounds, he was a food addict, and didn't even know it. His brain, and temptations were uncontrolable, and he could not stop himself from eating.

This resonated so emotionally deep within me, that I had to get up, and turn off "Fed Up" because emotionally I could not handle it.

I was frustrated, mad, upset, confused, angry, so many different feelings.

If you have not watched "Fed Up", I encourage you to do so.. Here is the link it will change your mind, perspective, and maybe even your life.

After watching "Fed Up", it made me feel obligated that it was my duty to help people, like that 12 year old boy. It motivated me to change people's lives, get them healthy, guide them to lose 50lbs, prevent diabetes, and not let the agriculture, and government industries win over our health.

"Fed Up" has changed something in me.

I always believed that I never needed marketing for my business.

I always believed that if my services were so good, that nobody could ignore me.

I always hated thinking I was being perceived as a sleezy salesman. I never wanted to be "that guy".

Now after watching Fed up, I feel it is a disservice to the world to not show people how we can help them.

It's not about money, it's about helping people like that 12 year old boy who could not stop eating. If I knew where he lived, I would train him everyday in order to help him fight his battle with obesity.

I just now have realized that without marketing, I can not change anyone's life. I can have the best service, that is so good, yet if nobody knows we exist how can we help anyone?

I want to make an offer to you, your friends, your family, and your co-workers. I want to change as many lives as I can, and prevent this obesity epidemic that our entire country is facing.

If you have over 30lbs to lose, I want you in my facility. I want to work with you, I want to help you, I want to change you.

If you have over 30lbs to lose, and have never tried CrossFit, and you are willing to sign up for a 6-month or 12-month membership (because that's how long it will take to lose that weight, you didn't gain that weight in 1-month or 3-months, and it's unrealistic to think you can lose it in 1 or 3 months) then I want to give you $100 membership credit, and a free Beginners Course to our program.

Will you help me out? We have never done his before, and I feel it's the only way to affect as many people as possible, if you, your friend, or family member has over 30lbs to lose. Then forward and send this blog post to them, give them the guidance to help change their life for the better.

Pay it forward, who knows this one blog could be exactly what someone needs to make a lasting improvement, and be Fed Up enough to make the difference.

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CrossFit M2 is pleased to announce the release of our new and improved website.. 



New Member Services Offer by CFM2

Personal Training & In-Home Personal Training


CrossFit is for everyone but group training is not. Want your own programming, and workouts? Sick of the class WODs? That is why we have stepped up our personal training game. Not only do we offer several one on one, and group packages for personal training. But we now offer In-Home Personal Training. Thats right, we will come to YOUR HOUSE and train you and YOUR FAMILY!  CrossFit in your backyard for the summer? No way, can it be true? Sure it is, click here!


Skill Sessions


Skills Sessions are your answer to getting the help you need to master that muscle-up, or double under. These 30 minute one on one sessions can be scheduled and purchased directly from the website! No more needing to track a Coach down in the gym to get help. This is convenience at your finger tips for personalized attention. Wanna book your 1st skill session? Do it now! 


Nutrition Consulting 


You know it, and we know it. The key building blocks to you reaching your goals lies in your nutrition. Thats why we have added these services for you. Now CFM2 offers 3 different types of Nutritional Consulting. Check them all out right here


CrossFit Families


These are private family sessions. Want to workout with the whole family, along with other fitness minded families just like yours? Now you can, check out our upcoming packages we have available for the entire family. 


Online Registration 


Do you have friends who want to attend the community class, or drop in? Have them register online, so they an use WODify, and complete the waiver before they ever even get here! New or potential members can now also schedule Free Fitness Assessments where we eveluate their health and fitness, establish goals, and provide feedback on membership and what CFM2 has to offer.  

We also have a section where you can refer your friend. We all know that friend who will not stop talking to us about CrossFit, but has never came to the community class. Give us their info, we will take care of them. 

Our Community Forum 


This is hands down my favorite feature of the site. The is our hub to interact and engage with one another. Do you have a question for a Coach? Or some advice you want to share? Did you just try an awesome new Paleo recipe and want to tell everyone? This is the place, simply register for an account and start posting, and commenting on other posts. We are a community and a community helps one another, share you knowledge and info with others in the gym here. P.S no one has created an account or posted anything? So do me a favor and start helping each other. Heres the link to the page. 

 Free Downloads


Do you want to research your fitness and not know where to start? Here we have all the content to keep you learning and focused on your fitness! 

Free Videos


Want to see your latest PR on video? Chance are its on here, this will be our hub for all our videos. We have a lot of different categories here so check them out. Lots of education, and motivation here! 

Social Media (We are now on SNAPCHAT...this will be good!) 


We are on everything! If you haven't yet be sure to follow us on all the Social Media pages. We post class cancellations, PR videos, education information, birthday shout outs on there. 





SnapChat!!! username: crossfitm2 (no link to this sorry!!!) 

Also you can now view tomorrows workout in your WODify app at 5pm of the current day. Want to know the WOD tomorrow but couldn't find the blog e-mail from Monday in your e-mail. Just change the date in the WODify app to tomorrow and boom! You have the WOD at your fingertips dude! 



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Weekly Updates 4-12 to 4-18

Whats the WOD?

Have you seen this video from our 9am class? 

Article Of The Week:

3 types of dangerous stress to avoid while training:

Video Of The Week:

Oldie but a goodie:

Nutrition Information Of The Week:
Avoiding carbohydrates at night? Read below:


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How to Gain Muscle Doing CrossFit

I get asked questions like this several times a week, 

"I realize I have only been doing CrossFit for about 6 months, but I am trying to gain some weight and get stronger. I have been a hard gainer all my life. I have a high metabolism. How can I tailor the workouts to avoid the rowing, running, and jump rope, to add more muscle mass to my body?” 

My response to these types of questions are typically pretty similar to this. 

"Cardiovascular based movements like rowing, running, biking, and jump rope. For some mythical of a reason are associated with muscle loss, and decreasing muscle gains. This is not always the truth. In general long duration low intensity cardio is responsible for creating more Type 1 muscle fibers. Such as long and lean muscles, like marathon runners, and Iron Man participates. High intensity, short duration based training like CrossFit, will not yield the same effects, it will develop more Type 2 muscle fibers. It will not cause muscle loss, it will actually add muscle mass. 

I will advise my 2 biggest suggestions for those looking to add muscle mass,  

1) Nutrition- It is the hardest to follow, but always will pack the most results. You need to be eating for muscle mass, and eating about 1500-2000 more calories a day than what you are burning. Generally with exercise and your daily body functions, you burn around 3500-4500 calories a day for a male aged 20-30, depending on your activity level for that day. That means you need to be eating about 5000-6500 calories a day. You need quality of food, and not just any food. Lean meats and lots of them, healthily fats, and even more of these. Fruit, vegetables, and simple carbohydrates such as oatmeal, whole wheat breads, and pasta. To pack on the muscle, you MUST pack in the food. 

2) Develop a fitness/weightlifting base. If you are new to CrossFit and the Olympic Weightlifting world, what is going to benefit you for years and years, and for a total life of health and fitness. Is developing the best fitness base that you can.  Such as proper movement patterns, skills, techniques, and understanding how to correctly preform lifts. That will help you more 2 years from now, than what just lifting a bunch of weight now with little technique will. 

I know these might not be the answers you wanted to hear, but they are the honest truth.”

So bare down, eat a lot of almond butter, and stick to your training. Your desired results will follow.  

If you have not yet, please stop in and check us out a Free Trial Saturday 9am class.  

Here is the registration link to get set up for the Saturday Class. 

Please post your comments, and questions below, and we will respond. 

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