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4 Easy Ways to Get Back to Fitness

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No matter how committed to exercising you have been, we all have those days or weeks where it is just easier to skip a day. First it is skipping that CrossFit class because it is just too hard, then it is missing a whole week. Next thing you know, you cannot remember the last time you went to the gym and you are considering not renewing that membership. 

Once you are out of the habit of going to the gym, how do you get back to it? The answer is all in the mindset. Here are some quick changes you can make this week to get back on track.

1) Track your activities for a week in a journal

In the blur of everything we do in the average week, it is too easy to simply say we are too busy to work out. Taking the time to keep a journal of how you spend your time for the week will allow you to see patterns of active times and not so active times. Instead of always leaving that gym time for the end of the day when it gets bumped for overtime or it is more fun to hit a happy hour, add gym time into a morning time slot or before work.

2) Make exercise fun again

If the gym is a place you just hate to go, find something you enjoy doing. Do not let yourself get stuck in a rut thinking that a workout has to include running on a treadmill if that is the last thing you enjoy doing. Taking a few minutes to brainstorm a list of exercises you like and the ones you just do not like can help to clarify what you want your workout to look like. 

3) Redefine your routine

Each morning you get up and do things that you really do not need to even think about. You just know you need to take care of the most basic of routines like grooming, getting dressed and preparing for the day. Instead of seeing that trip to the gym as something that is a chore or even an extra, incorporate fitness into your daily routine. Something as simple as yoga in the morning to get centered and awake quickly becomes second nature. Instead of watching the AM news over breakfast, put in 30 minutes on the treadmill while you watch it. The simple change in routine can not only help you meet whatever your current fitness goal is, but it can set you up for a lifetime of better habits. 

And look to maximize all the ways you get exercise without even realizing it. For example, cleaning your house definitely burns calories, but you can kick it up a notch by cleaning while wearing some ankle weights. Or if you go for regular walks with your dog, go a little farther, or even better, take on a few dog walking clients. The responsibility you have to those pet parents will help ensure you do not put off your daily exercise and you can make some dough while you’re getting fit. Even if it’s just on the weekends, you can burn some extra calories while making a little extra dough. You can also squeeze more exercise into your work routine by taking the stairs whenever possible or switching to a standing desk

Combine exercise with other interests

Do you find you just do not have time to work out and socialize?  Instead of always meeting your besties for happy hour and empty calories, why not combine time with friends and an activity that gets you active. Training for a charity fun run suddenly becomes fun with the right team. The charity aspect combined with friends to keep you engaged can be a game changer.

Do not let a small lapse in your fitness commitment derail the whole goal. Often the first step in getting back on track is as simple as starting with a fresh perspective and making small changes starting today. A big goal can be overwhelming but small daily changes are easier to focus on and accomplish.


Paige Johnson 

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