CrossFit M2 has been named “the school of fitness for high school and middle school athletes”. Our programs produce RESULTS! CrossFit M2 offers unparalleled instruction in exercise protocol, technique, and program structure. Our Athletic Development programs enhance sports performance and reduce the chance of injury. Along with rehabilitation of past injury.

Athletic Performance Training:

CrossFit M2 provides a closely monitored program. Programs are focused on flexibility, speed, power, strength, agility, balance, and anaerobic conditioning.

CrossFit M2 takes an integrated, systemic approach to providing unparalleled athletic development training. Our Athletic Program is challenging, yet fun, uplifting, and a inspiring environment for youth to train in.

Our Athletic Development Programmed is geared toward 13 to 18 year old athletes, looking to compete at the varsity level, or with future goals of playing collegiate sports. We specialize in developing athletes for the following sports, hockey, figure skating, soccer, track and field, football, basketball, and baseball.

Summer/Fall/Winter Programs will develop & consists of:

  1. Flexibility: Foam rolling, static stretching, dynamic movement
  2. Mobility: Joint full range of motion development, injury prevention techniques, movement proficiency
  3. Speed: Sprint mechanics, foot speed, acceleration & deceleration, linear and lateral explosiveness, coordination
  4. Power: Linear/lateral plyometric, core explosiveness, strength under fatigue
  5. Strength: Teaching and understanding of Olympic Weightlifting, full-body, multi-joint, accommodating resistance.
  6. Conditioning: Sports specific conditioning
  7. Nutritional Guidance: Understanding eating for performance, and food as fuel
  8. Goal Setting: Focus exercises, defining clear and obtainable goals.
  9. Mental Preparation: How to prepare for practice/games.

Summer Program: (June 1st to August 15th)

Workouts are 90 minutes in length. Groups are kept small to ensure a low student to Coach ratio. A close attention to technique is monitored. Programs are offered in a 3 Day Format.


Fall/Winter Program: (August 15th to May 31st)

Workouts are 60 minutes in length. The program design and objective is to preserve strength gains made in the off-season and reduce the chance of sport related injuries. Recognizing athletes have a demanding practice, game, school, and extra curricular activity schedule, our program is designed to provide maximal results with in a 2x week program.




"Training at CrossFit M2 has been one of the most profiting experiences for me as both an athlete and a person. In the short time I have been training with CrossFit M2, my personal growth has been more than I've seen achieved through any other workout program. Every day in the gym with the Coaches is fun, upbeat and beneficial. No matter what day of the week it is, I know before I even step foot into the gym that CFM2 has a great workout planned for me and that at the end of the day I will be one step closer to reaching my goals. I know that I will continue to train at CrossFit M2 every day and that the experiences I gain each day at the gym will lead to excelling at everything I do. CrossFit M2 is truly an unparalleled fitness community that anyone can benefit from."
-Layne Martin Belle Tire U-18 AAA Hockey/Sioux Eagles NAHL
"Over the course of the past couple months, I have been training with CrossFit M2 and I love it! His program is like nothing I have ever experienced before. It's not just a line of machines or a drill sergeant barking at you. The energy and enthusiasm that the trainers bring to the gym is unbelievable, Michael is extremely passionate about what he does and he makes it fun. If you are looking to take your fitness to the next level or just get in shape then I highly recommend checking into CrossFit M2".
-Eric Wymer Ohio Northern University, Cross Country Team