Taking total control of your health, and wellness should be easy.

That is why, at CrossFit M2, we offer all the services, and tools to make getting healthy and staying healthy easy! Fitness is 60% Nutrition, and 40% the workout.

Stay motivated, and present yourself with a clear goal and obtain the feeling of self accomplishment. Challenge yourself mentally and physically to get in the best shape of your life through nutrition all while being held accountable by a CrossFit M2 Coach.

Services available are:

  • Measurable Calculations Assessment: During this 90 day program will we take accurate before and after measurements, of your body (arms, legs, waist). Along with finding out your true Body Fat %, before and after pictures, and accurate weight. Coaches will use the Measurable Calculations Assessment to help you determine your progress among the 90 days. ($60) 
  • Nutrition Consulting: This is the total package, 3 one on one meetings, will be conducted over the course of 90 days. Want to lose weight or increase your performance? During this very thorough once per month consult. We will meet to discuss, goals, current diet, ideal you, supplementation, sleep patterns, and the recommendations of the Paleo and Zone lifestyles. Along with weight, before and after photos, body measurements, 24/7 WODify nutrition coaching, unlimited access with your nutrition coach via email, and setting up your new diet and lifestyle. These monthly consults will force you to stay accountable and motivated. Become a CrossFit M2 success story today! ($125)
  • 30 Day Nutrition Reset: Want to break your addiction to sugar, soda, caffeine, or carbohydrates? During this 30 Day Nutrition Reset, we will eliminate ALL sugar, artificial sweeteners, preservatives, grains, gluten, legumes, dairy, caffeine, and alcohol . Jump start your metabolism, start thinking clearer, get an instant energy boost, beat your addictions, and obtain a full body cleanse in 30 days! ($40) 

The before and after pictures will be astonishing, you will feel better than ever, and crushin WODs all within 30 days!