Whats a Workshop?

Workshops are held the last Saturday of each month at CrossFit M2. Workshops are a seminar style learning atmosphere, with group discussions, informational videos, video analysis, information articles, all instructed by our team of professional trainers and coaches. This will be the most detailed instruction on a variety of exercises, movements, and methods, from nutrition, to gymnastic, to CrossFit.. Workshops will cover a different topic each month. The purpose of these workshops is to improve participates fitness and performance, and educate participates on how to correctly execute movements in further depth, along with drills and skills you can take home and complete in your free time.


Whats expected of participates?

Participates are asked to arrive well rested and prepared at 10:45am, with a notebook and pen, workout clothes, and a packed healthy lunch/snacks for the day.


Workshop Breakdown

From 11am to 12:00 a learning style setting will take place, with emphasis on the workshops topic, videos, and information articles, tips and tricks, along with specialized learning.

From 12:00pm to 12:10pm, a break will be issued for restrooms, snacks, hydration, and additional note taking.

From 12:10pm to 1pm hands on, physical execution, and practice will take place. Along with different skills and drills for improving each part of the topic.

From 1pm to 1:30pm, a workout will be administered and conducted utilizing the movements and skill of the workshops.

From 1:30 to 2pm, socialize, lunch, Q&A, hang out. Further assistance, practice, and additional one on one help.



To register for the upcoming seminar please fill out and complete the registration process on the forum below. Cost is $25.00



Workshop Topics & Dates for 2015

  • January 31 - Nutrition Seminar
  • February 28 - Understanding the CrossFit Model and Community
  • March 28 - Olympic Lifting
  • April 25 - Gymnastics: The basics of its movements
  • May 30 - Powerlifting: Back Squat, Bench Press, Deadlift
  • June 27 - Core Stability and Midline
  • July 25 - Olympic Lifting
  • August 29 - Endurance: Running, Biking, Rowing
  • September 26 - Getting Fit Quick!
  • October 31 - Flexibility and Mobility, Modern Day Fountain of Youth
  • November 28 - Goal Setting and Achieving: Motivation for you
  • December 26 - What is CrossFit?