Our Yoga class is appropriate for all levels of experience. Wether you are new to Yoga or have been practicing Yoga for years, this 1 hour full body Yoga experience we will accommodate all positions to your unique body with specific props and equipment. Through mindful breathing, we will guide our bodies into restorative, strengthening, and sometimes challenging flows and poses that will open wonderful possibilities within our bodies, hearts, and minds.

"Combining modern fitness moves and ancient Yoga postures with the exercise sciences of Hatha Yoga, we create mindful practices of strength, power, balance, flexibility, and relaxation. We will explore ways to tone and lengthen muscles while promoting relaxation and a steady focus. All poses are modified to your body in a calming and relaxing environment. Unlimited Yoga classes are included in all membership plans. Non members drop in classes are $10.00.

About our instructor!

Sarah has been a practitioner of Yoga for 8 years and a teacher for 3. After suffering a career ending back injury in dance class in 2007, Sarah was advised to try yoga for not only physical health, but for the mental and emotional support necessary for healing. "I was grieving over what I thought was going to be the end of expressive and engaging movement in my life, and after dancing for 18 years, I couldn't imagine what that transition would look like." Just a few yoga classes in, Sarah was becoming aware of opportunities for self growth/awareness and was intrigued by the awesome physical challenge of our breath-lead poses being practiced.

Through YogaFit, Sarah has been certified to teach and make Yoga accessible to all body types and levels of flexibility. Sarah is passionate about maintaining accessibility to those who wish to practice Yoga and is very excited to explore Yoga with you!"