CrossFit M2 is home to some of the worlds best trainers. We take pride in making fitness fun and enjoyable while delivering the results of a world-class strength and conditioning facility. We started with 2 personal training clients in 2010, and have organically grown since then. We embrace our culture inside and outside the gym. Our clients and us have created a safe, challenging, optimistic, enthusiastic, fun, fulfilling, swanky, and cutting edge fitness environment. 

Our clients are the sole supporting structure of our facility. We know all our clients names, and greet them by their first name every time they walk through our doors. We pride ourselves on creating an environment where first time CrossFitters are welcomed within our facility. We make decisions based on the wants and needs of our clients. We are leaders to our clients, and within the Findlay community. We recognize our clients goals, and we help them achieve those goals with pride and satisfaction. We realize that when clients walk through our doors, that is an accomplishment for them. We know that everyone loves to feel special, and we make people feel special when they leave our facility. 








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We provide customized pricing packages and solutions for members that best fit their needs. Please fill out your information below, and we will be able to further assist you in our pricing options. We would also recommend visiting our Free Consultation page, so that you can schedule a meeting with one of our coaches, to learn more about your pricing options and how they can work for you!